Privé 2018 Eau de Parfum

Privé (Eau de Parfum) by Ormonde Jayne
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7.8 / 10 97 Ratings
Privé (Eau de Parfum) is a popular perfume by Ormonde Jayne for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is floral-fresh. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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BergamotBergamot FreesiaFreesia Mandarin orangeMandarin orange OsmanthusOsmanthus Basmati riceBasmati rice Russian coriander seedRussian coriander seed NeroliNeroli PetitgrainPetitgrain Pink pepperPink pepper
Heart Notes Heart Notes
French clary sageFrench clary sage Magnolia absoluteMagnolia absolute BlackcurrantBlackcurrant Gardenia absoluteGardenia absolute Jasmine absoluteJasmine absolute Orris butterOrris butter
Base Notes Base Notes
MuskMusk AmbroxanAmbroxan Timbersilk™Timbersilk™ SandalwoodSandalwood Tonka bean absoluteTonka bean absolute Vanilla absoluteVanilla absolute


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6.733 Ratings
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Friendly request for a little more attention ;-)
How can you tell that there are just too many fragrances flooding the market?
1. With a simple look at the Parfumo database
2. With a quick look at your bank account
3. At the fact that such a fragrance as Privé by Ormonde Jayne hardly gets any attention

Surely Ormonde Jayne has its steady customer base that reorders but doesn't talk big about it. As it stands, the clientele also doesn't place any increased value on photographing perfume bottles or creating lines of text about scent impressions.

The common Parfumo in the wild, on the other hand, seeks, whether he wants it or not, the new, the better, the (yes I have to say it) HOLY GLORY OF PERFUME LIGHT.

Even new batches have hopes and a lot of energy put into them. Yes, even a perfume cellar to store, mature the existing batches is rented.

Dear Parfumo community, I tell you, "We will find him, celebrate him and adore him. Even if he is the last thing we smell".

For the statisticians among you:
Privé has been on the market since 2018
Ratings: 27
Statements: 7
Perfume photos: Until recently, 0 (in words, "zero")
Comments: 1

Really people? No, seriously now. Other fragrances manage that in a day! I mention here explicitly no names. Not that again my mailbox overflows with new comments for you know who.

If I had to describe the opening, it would probably be neroli, pepper and the slightly floral side. None of it really dominantly represented, thankfully. I can't stand neroli in the medium term, don't want to smell like pepper steak and have hay fever as well as a general aversion to too much white flower.

In principle, however, it makes no sense to list individual components, because the fragrance on me in the overall impression rather synthetic, but at the same time incredibly well-groomed and comforting. Timbersilk and Ambroxan have here certainly their tentacles in the game. Hach, synthetic? Who would have thought it? The Gesa was it.

Basmati rice I like to eat, it smells and tastes good. Here it just makes the scent picture more tangible/descriptive to me, as a non-chemist. This is already such a steamy-fresh-comfortable representative of its fragrance genre ;-)

The scent progression remains very consistent in its actual character, even if it initially seems brighter with a floral tendency and louder. However, that goes to some fragrances of OJ so. As the saying goes, "back poops the cow".

The stable scent image may come across as a bit monotonous for some. However, I like it very much, because it is an absolute unisex everyday fragrance, which should be faithful to me and not change its olfactory appearance every 30 minutes. Incidentally, anyone who has already smelled Timbersilk in its pure form, please let me know. This stuff must have been released by Maggi. Once cooked with it, one needs a retraining to be able to do without it.

The fact that a scent is hard to describe speaks for the scent, not necessarily against it. I hope at least to have drawn your attention somewhat to him. This one you just have to have smelled yourself and not read yourself.
This arrived and no longer want to test is baloney, however, especially after a long Parfumo abstinence with certain fragrances is simply satisfied and very suitably scented.


21 Reviews
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Perfect unobtrusive harmony - skin scent with recognition value
After I received the scent from the sharing, I first sprayed it timidly on my wrist and was not immediately convinced, because I could not classify the scent so selectively sprayed on. My impression is that you really have to wear the scent to judge it. So today I sprayed Privé generously before going downtown (last Christmas shopping). The individual components are difficult for me to sniff out and I don't want to fall into the trap of copying the fragrance pyramids, which has been so rightly reprimanded so many times. For me, Privé is a perfectly harmonious composition of soft, unsweet and unobtrusive flowers, somewhat citric at first, but neither bitter and sour, nor fruity and sweet, but simply light, unobtrusive and floating. These two elements, floweriness and citric, are connected by a hitherto unknown component in fragrances: I think it is the scent of basmati rice. I would not have come across this note openly without the information in the pyramid. But nevertheless, once pointed out, one can smell this note and understand it. It is an extremely mild fragrance without being sweet, powdery, creamy or even gourmandig. It makes the fragrance special, harmonious, gives substance and creates a wonderful connection between the fragrance notes and the skin of the wearer (I perceive Privé as a clearly feminine fragrance). That's why I called Privé skin scent in the title. But this has nothing to do with animal skin scents, the scent remains light and fresh until the drydown. A fragrance which underlines the personality of the wearer and which I believe can be worn anywhere and at any time: Privé has what it takes to become a signature fragrance. Sillage and shelf life are in the middle range. I am extremely impressed by this completely new and wonderful fragrance experience and would like to thank the organizer of the Sharing!


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