Bergdorf pour Femme 2014

Bergdorf pour Femme by Roja Parfums
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8.6 / 10 72 Ratings
Bergdorf pour Femme is a popular perfume by Roja Parfums for women and was released in 2014. The scent is floral-powdery. The longevity is above-average. It is still available to purchase.
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5.619 Ratings
Submitted by Kankuro, last update on 23.01.2023.
Interesting Facts
Bergdorf pour Femme was created for Bergdorf Goodmann and is supposed to be exclusively available there.
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Excavator load of blossoms
HELP! Get me out of here! As soon as a tiny drop has left the sprayer, I understand how a hedgehog must feel before hibernation. All around me are kilograms of petals. Noble, fragrant flowers, the best of the best, hand-picked, flawless, rain down on me and bury me under them. To leave the heap of flowers is not granted to me for a long time, there is only one thing that helps: nose to and through. However, I postpone my idea of running quickly to the bakery, because I am not sure whether I would be able to cope with an additional scent of chocolate, cinnamon, fresh bread and butter. Some other Rojas I have tested overwhelm me with this explosive start and so I hold on bravely. Will I be rewarded for my courage? Well: Yes and no. Bergdorf transforms into an opulent blossom weed - but quite wearable, without immediately putting the environment into a blossom coma. Like other Rojas - especially with the Extraits - the Sillage goes back relatively fast to well perceptible, but no longer room filling. The luxurious abundance of flowers is gradually complemented by resin, musk and a pinch of wood. Bergdorf then develops this Roja-typical base, which inspires me and which is composed of closely interwoven spices, flowers and resins, but in which I cannot smell a single component clearly. Here one could almost certainly cheer me on the scent as one of the old Guerlains. As a breath dosed this Roja fragrance inspires me increasingly.
But at Bergdorf everything is very solid from start to finish, for me less old-fashioned or vintage, but more conservative. In my opinion, Roja has served the audience perfectly here, whom - besides tourists - one actually meets at Bergdorf&Goodman. If you are looking for a perfectly made opulent floral cumber with a beautiful base that will stay on your skin for a long time, this is the right place for you.
For those of you who know some other Rojas: For me Bergdorf is located in the surroundings of Gardenia and Danger. Gardenia perceives my nose as a wonderful scent of blossoms, which I often wear at work and which is welcomed with pleasure by my environment - but which seems almost a little naïve and innocent. Danger is much more exciting for me with a touch of lust and animalism - and I'm already thinking about when to wear it. Bergdorf is rather Gardenia to the power of three - and I can think of few opportunities in my life where I would find him to be perfectly fitting. However, I am sure that it can be a wonderful signature scent for anyone who loses their heart to it. However, mine could not conquer Bergdorf, despite all admiration for the perfection it radiates.
Last but not least, I have to hold on: Although I always preach that the distinction between men's and women's fragrances is for Hugo, with this fragrance I am preaching a lavish-round blossom fragrance, in which a Sophia Loren immediately arises in front of my inner eye and not an Arnold Schwarzenegger, I get very puzzled...
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