Skin 2011 Eau de Parfum

Skin (Eau de Parfum) by Clean
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7.5 / 10 90 Ratings
Skin (Eau de Parfum) is a perfume by Clean for women and was released in 2011. The scent is fresh-floral. It is still in production. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Air accordAir accord Honeydew melonHoneydew melon LotusLotus
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BlossomsBlossoms Aquatic notesAquatic notes Blue roseBlue rose
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White muskWhite musk AmberwoodAmberwood Cashmere woodCashmere wood VanillaVanilla
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Quiet skin scent
I'm echoing a lot of what earlier reviewers have said - it's very subtle, soft, dilluted, quiet, inoffensive, and very much a "skin musk" scent. To me, it's:

- slight warm musk
- a trickle of cucumber or watery green notes
- a warm shirt fresh out of the dryer
- a hint of warm amber
- a dash of powdery vanilla

All of the notes are so well blended that nothing sticks out. I saw another reviewer who said it best: "Smells like when you smell someone you love but they’re not really wearing anything, it’s just the smell of their skin and you love them and so of course it smells wonderful, like fresh out of the shower, like pressing your nose to their neck, like coming home."

Perfect for a night in at home, straight out of the shower, throwing on pjs and snuggling under blankets. Doesn't last long, and doesn't project well - but it's meant to be subtle, so it works well for what it is.
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Another minimalist, slightly sweet skin scent
My initial testings of perfumes from the house of Clean were not that positive, so for a while I steered clear of them, having concluded that my taste in soap simply differed too much from that of the Clean perfumers and Creative Director.

After reading how they were excoriated in The Holey[sic] Book, however, I developed an interest in trying more, not fewer, creations from this house, perversely enough. Since then, I've been slowly accumulating samples and minis from various sources, along with a few bottles from TJMAXX, which generally cost $9.95 or $12.95. The master plan in my mind is one day to conduct a Clean sweep: a suite of reviews of the perfumes of this house.

One of the more recent samples to have come my way is that of CLEAN SKIN, which was launched only last year and so was included in one of the Sephora promotional coffrets which I sometimes purchase as a way of finding out what's going on with the current mainstream designer fragrance scene. Since I just reviewed Laurence Dumont MUSC BLANC, which to me was a clean skin scent, I figured: why not review a perfume by that name?

CLEAN SKIN is another eminently well-named fragrance. This one lacks the house of Clean's characteristic soap note, which I do not really like. I do like some soap notes (WHITE LINEN, among others), but the Clean soap note is not that appealing to me. Fortunately, there is no soap whatsoever to be sniffed in this case. Instead, what we have here is indeed very similar to the Laurence Dumont MUSC BLANC: clean musk with a touch of sweetness. The smell of a freshly bathed baby's bottom!

So, my fragrant friends who desire to waft of the scent of a freshly bathed baby's bottom--well rinsed, and towel dried, BEFORE any powder has been applied or diapers put on--I am happy to report that you have some options! CLEAN SKIN is a bit better to my nose than MUSC BLANC, because it does not have an obnoxious alcohol opening. So I'd recommend this composition before the Laurence Dumont. It's nice, for what it is. But it is what is, and it's not what it's not...
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