White Woods 2013

White Woods by Clean
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White Woods is a popular perfume by Clean for women and men and was released in 2013. The scent is woody-powdery. The production was apparently discontinued. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Vanilla orchidVanilla orchid MagnoliaMagnolia CallaCalla
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AmberwoodAmberwood SandalwoodSandalwood PralinéPraliné


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Walking in the freshly cleaned forest while cats make the bed dirty
Clean perfumes are fragrances that often come across as very clean and are usually composed in a rather simple and almost loose way, so that no Clean fragrance is intrusive. The brand name is actually the program here, as the fragrances come across as very pure or even clean and often convey a special feeling of cleanliness.

This is especially interesting for all people who like this clean feeling and therefore also like fragrances that smell like freshly washed laundry, soapy notes or the like. But there are also some here, who don't like something like that at all, because they are totally into dirty things, but I'd rather not go into more detail here, what exactly is meant by dirty things, mu ha ha ha ha :D

Clean White Wood here is a fragrance that, in addition to the clean feeling, also conveys the scent of soft, soft woods with sweet vanilla/musky notes. And what in my opinion is quite nice!

The fragrance:
The fragrance begins "clean", in the truest sense of the word, because despite a halfway citric beginning with bergamot it still smells quite clean. Pepper may cause some tingling in the nose, but it is not really strong. The mandarin can be smelled better there, it smells of the slightly sweet fruit flesh here. The sweetness of the fragrance also seems a bit like musk to me.
A little later the fragrance becomes more flowery. Together with the citric notes and the pepper, the heart note does not necessarily smell extraordinary, but still very nice. However, from now on the citric scents gradually fade again. The flowery notes could be magnolias, but I don't know for sure, anyway they smell nice and are not stuffy or so :D
A little later the vanilla begins to smell, which now makes the fragrance sweeter. Whereby also the musk-like smell becomes stronger, which might be however apparently at the indicated praline musk note (whatever that is... :D).
Anyway, the base smells of musk (which is stronger than vanilla) and light vanilla, of light, soft and somehow clean woods and generally clean notes, but this fragrance is not soapy here.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is rather weak. Sure, as so often the beginning is still halfway smelly, but already after a short time you have to get very close to be able to smell the scent of one. A little later, the fragrance finally becomes body-hugging.
The shelf life is mediocre, which means that after six or seven hours the fragrance is as good as gone.

The bottle:
The bottle is rectangular and quite simple. It acts almost like a functional container for filling with the scent liquid. On the front you can see a light brown label. The lid is chrome-plated and cylindrical. Didn't all turn out very spectacular.

Soo, as already written at the beginning, the fragrance here is as expected very gentle and pure. This mix conveys a great feeling of cleanliness, as if you had just changed the bed linen freshly and then want to jump freshly showered into the clean and still clean smelling bed.

Of course, you made the mistake you always make before. The bed was freshly raised and then they took a shower. While one washed then in the shower with the hands the curvy hot body (... aaargh, my conception of perfumes under the shower is probably exciting... uh... I meant alarming...!), a probably a little too curious cat (or even cat) discovered the fresh bed during this time surely and made himself comfortable in it. I don't need to mention that a tomcat or a cat, who are outdoors, likes to roll around in the dirt or flower bed on warm days and thus brings a lot of little pieces of dirt like soil and grass and other things on the fresh bed linen... but well, even if you see some dirt in the bed, the bed still smells fresh and clean. And the sight of a cuddly cat in a soft bed is cute, isn't it? :))

Well, you see, so the fragrance is definitely worth testing, especially if you are looking for something nice, but also something unobtrusive for the summer, which you want to use during the day. But due to the vanilla notes and the musk, this scent could also be suitable for going out, if you shouldn't be bothered too much by the low sillage!
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there is nothing much that stands out about "white woods" to me. it's simple, soapy and woody smelling. if that is your thing then knock yourself out.
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