Kenzo Homme Eau de Toilette

Kenzo Homme (Eau de Toilette) by Kenzo
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Kenzo Homme (Eau de Toilette) is a popular perfume by Kenzo for men. The release year is unknown. The scent is fresh-aquatic. It is being marketed by LVMH. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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PinePine CedarCedar
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CistusCistus SandalwoodSandalwood


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Submitted by ExUser, last update on 15.11.2023.
Interesting Facts
This is a potentially revised version of Kenzo pour Homme. The bottle design has been modified over the years and at an unspecified time, the name of Kenzo pour Homme was shortened to Kenzo Homme.


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What memories can mean...
Fragrances are memories for many of us. Memories of certain times,
of certain people,
of certain situations...

For many of us, such scents are among the most beautiful, because does it have its reasons why one has special memories of them...

I also feel the same way, of course. In addition to the Hugo BossBottled EdT and Acqua di Giò EdT, there is a third fragrance that I already know from my youth, although I myself at that time still no perfumes used: Kenzo Pour Homme EdT.

I was allowed to get to know him (the Kenzo of 1991) as a teenager, namely in the summer of 2000, when a cousin of my best friend at the time wore this day after day and I always wondered as Obergrünschnabel, what on earth because always smelled so insanely beautiful on him.
I can therefore remember so well and exactly, because the fragrance has not let me go until today. And besides, there was in the said year the European football championship with me around the corner, so to speak (Belgium/Netherlands).

Of course, I "traveled" as an enthusiastic kicker (among other things, together with this a few years older acquaintance and his Kenzo) the few kilometers to the neighboring countries over and experienced the event there a few times live on site, even if we had a ticket only to a single game. But if it's only a stone's throw, then you go there even without a ticket, and just to experience the big picture.

And its Kenzo wooed me in the midst of all these colorful people there...
Lots of people, people from different countries, happily celebrating, and his Kenzo...

My comment now relates to the evolution or reworking of the '91 Kenzo. For a long time I owned this myself, until I tested a few months ago after a long "Kenzo break" this new edited version in a perfumery. Right at the first spray I had 'flashbacks' again.... It was about me, immediately I bought a bottle in the store....

When this new version came on the market I do not know at all. He is not quite so aquatic in comparison and a little woodier, but basically it smells - for my nose at least - pretty much identical or similar to the 91 bottle.

The new one here also opens with a dreamy, maritime, airy and aquatic breeze that thrills me. As it progresses, however, it develops its first woody traits, where it becomes somewhat sweet, but without losing its aromatic freshness from the beginning. Because it still remains very pleasantly fresh in an "airy" way; despite the piney note I detect. This aromatic freshness transports one mentally to warmer countries, to beaches with deep blue-clear sea, light blue-clear sky and bright yellow sun...

And when the sandalwood is added in the base, the fragrance reaches its peak. This slightly creamy-balsamic sweetness paired with the
velvety-warm wood is a pleasure, just to melt away I find. Nevertheless, this base is still enveloped by this airy aquatic sea note.

Because of its composition, it is made for the warmer season, but you can of course wear it throughout the year. But for me, I know it comes out best in the spring or summer. The sillage you notice on a breeze feels very smooth and soothing.

The fact that a fragrance of this composition lasts a good 6-7h on my skin, is an indication that from scratch fresh fragrances do not always have to have endurance problems.
Currently, I do not use this Kenzo, because I'm still waiting for spring and the first warmer days, on which I will wear it again with a lot of pleasure. Long it is no longer there...
However, I sniff again and again at the spray head and enjoy these moments.

Because not only the fragrance is dreamlike, also my memories of him are golden...

This said acquaintance is sadly no longer with us, the dear gentleman took him far too soon...

But through memories, many people live on in us; invisible though they may be, but still close....

And though every journey has an end, the memories of it are everlasting...

Thank you for reading!
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In the bubble bath of fragrance feelings
Finally I have managed to lead this boy to my nose and I have to say that this is a fine little thing. It starts fresh and maritime, nutmeg ground the whole thing to a fresh and spicy scent. It is noticeable that at the very beginning a clear alcoholic note resonates with the pure. I don't really like to define whether the alcohol contained in this fragrance simply evaporates worse.
Then it becomes coniferous - but full pot! The pine makes no secret of saying "Here I am" and struggles with the cedar for supremacy. But the jaw is the superior part. Makes it a little oldscoolig, but interesting.
After the conifers have been trimmed a little, this fragrance is surprisingly multifaceted. It doesn't have much on the ingredients list, which is all the more surprising that it is both flowery and slightly powdery, balsamic and creamy. Like that, when only a few ingredients - that is probably the secret of the makers. I like it! Yes, it reminds a little of a bubble bath, not the one with the spruce needles, but of a blue stuff whose name I can't think of right now. But it reminds me of another scent that you wouldn't even have on your bill and which I could only determine by chance because I tested both at the same time: the Eau de Toilette from Aramis. Yeah, they're different already. Where the classic is tart and citric, Kenzo Homme comes across as softer, more cuddly. One could almost say that it could also be a reinterpretation of that classic. Sandalwood does not dim this away, but prepares a pleasant "bed", never appears too dry, as can often be the case with woody fragrances. Fine fragrance.
The Sillage is very good for the first few hours, but he stays in clothes for days without getting on his nerves. On the skin it disappears after 8-10 hours, so endurance is quite given.
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