Mukhalat Malaki

Mukhalat Malaki by Swiss Arabian
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8.5 / 10 24 Ratings
Mukhalat Malaki is a popular perfume by Swiss Arabian for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is woody-oriental. The longevity is above-average. It is being marketed by SAPG (Swiss Arabian Perfume Group).
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Submitted by Apicius, last update on 05.05.2023.
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Smells like Dubai
Kurt Cobain has left a deep impression on me and I will always remember "smells like teen spirit" But: who wants to smell of a cheap teeny scent? Never in my life have I thought about how "Teen Spirit" really smells.
The song is just awesome, and I think it's tragic that Kurt Cobain thought he had to belong to "Club 27" and took his own life at that age.
I first thought about this song when I arrived in Dubai a few weeks ago: the smell at the airport was so unique and immediately reminded me of a "German" niche perfumery that I thought: smells like "arabian expensive perfume".
That one starts to think in English is probably due to the reason that one notices immediately after the arrival that here, German is not spoken.
Now it was really like this that I also noticed during the next days that Dubai simply smells better than Germany. Even the cleaning agents smell more exclusive and less cheap.
It seems almost logical that perfumes are offered on every corner and that almost everyone is uniquely scented. Women dressed in a burka, who look for high-quality
Smelling oud is not a rarity. No, they do not smell like stable - in Dubai this scent is just perfect and fitting.
Of course I bought: nameless fragrances and also other fragrances which are not listed here yet. Mukhalat Malaki was also there. This scent is for me the scent of Dubai. It radiates for me the fragrance of this city: harmonious oud, soft and with a not too flowery rose, but still woody and wonderfully oriental.
The fragrance is in the bottle shown here and the fragrance and bottle are of higher quality than the actual price of the equivalent of 30-35€ for 30ml of the fragrance. The shelf life is good, but not outstanding.
I don't know if I would have ever liked the scent so much when I tested it here at home, but in Dubai it smelled so wonderful that I took the scent and the memory home with me.
I still love to wear the fragrance here in Germany, but maybe memories of Kurt Cobain's "smells like teen spirit" and the wonderful time in Dubai are just part of it.
This commi was therefore created in the thought of Kurt Cobain and my time in Dubai.
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A bit of everything
There is an expression in the German language for anything that smells exotic, mysterious, complex and opulent. You can say it smells like “all scents of the Orient” (alle Düfte des Orients). Such is what one can expect from a Mukhallat, since this word translates into blend or mixture.

There are different styles in Arab perfumery – not all is oud and roses. We also find musky, ambery, floral and coniferous fragrances, and there are the Mukhallats that promise to have them all. Mukhallat Malaki is such a typical blend, and it is recognizable as such.

There is a musky and floral side in it, and a lot of sweetness, sort of honeyed tobacco style. This is contrasted by oudy and woody notes, and especially the oud gives it a certain depth and opulence. I already own an inexpensive no name Mukhallat from my local Arab shop. Mukhallat Malaki is basically the same, but it smells a bit like a higher price level. It has more oud in it which makes it particularly attractive, and comparing both, the no name Mukhallat smells rather bland. Also, I do not smell any of that “hairspray” note that seems to be typical for oud perfumes of lower quality.

Being a mixture of everything, a Mukhallat can hardly be classified as a ladies' or gents' fragrance. It is unisex and a matter of personal taste. For me, Mukhallat Malaki is too sweetish, opulent and strenuous – maybe because it is simply stronger than my no name Mukhallat. I share the opinion of AromiErotici (Thanks for the sample!) that it would probably layer very well with a puristic woody scent like CdG's Wonderwood or some of the Dsquared men's fragrances, and it would be best to use it like that.

Exploring the world of Arab perfumes is not easy due to the lack of resources for purchasing samples. Small amounts of Mukhallat Malaki seem currently to be available for very small money at Scents of Arabia.
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