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French Bouquet by bdk Parfums
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7.4 / 10 54 Ratings
French Bouquet is a limited perfume by bdk Parfums for women and men and was released in 2019. The scent is floral-spicy. It is still available to purchase. Limited Edition
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Submitted by Caligari, last update on 28.01.2023.
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This fragrance was exclusively created for Harrods, London.
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Classic fragrance, modern interpretation
The fragrance house bdk Parfums is a relatively young fragrance label and has in the now 5 years of existence still a pleasingly clear fragrance portfolio.

The founder David Benedek, born in 1989 in Paris, has always had contact with the fragrance universe, as his grandparents, who immigrated from Transylvania to France in the 50s, were among the first who were allowed to sell fragrances by Dior or Worth in Paris at that time, initially still targeted at tourists.

In the 60s, they then opened their first own boutique for perfumes and exclusive cosmetic products. The expertise was always passed on in the family.
After studying economics and management, David Benedek moved to the Institut Français de la Mode to acquire further knowledge in cosmetics and perfumery and to pursue the passion for fragrances even more thoroughly.
From this could then actually also only an own enterprise develop. One that has a very sympathetic effect on me.
Very pleasant I find, for example, the website of the company, which is limited to essentials and does not want to bezirzen the consumer with convoluted advertising promises and other dubious statements.

In collaboration with various perfumers then emerged over time different fragrances that want to meet different tastes.
About flowery-fresh, about fruity to oriental hints everything is represented.
Me Rouge Tuxedo and Gris Charnel have remained in good memory, even Crème de Cuir has left a good impression as a leather scent (which I usually rather reject).

Now comes another fragrance, French Bouquet, to which I would like to write a few lines.

The name French Bouquet is not chosen entirely by chance. On the one hand, it alludes to its origin and on the other hand, one would like to lean with French Bouquet to the classic French luxury perfumery.
Already at the first test, I noticed a note that is clearly reminiscent of one of the most famous fragrances ever. Immediately in the top note is already a large surge of aldehydes to make out. This unmistakable scent of soap, a hint of freshly blown out candle and a clear wax note.
For this, the fragrance with the so unspectacular name Dodecanal is responsible, which gives the N°5 of Chanel its so unmistakable character.
I would like to claim that one wanted to create here a tribute to this Dauerbrenner.
Now French Bouquet is by no means a fragrance twin of Chanel N°5, it goes its own way. But a certain kindred spirit I can not deny.
In addition to the waxy note, there is also a slightly greasy impression. These greasy notes often bother me because they usually seem quite unclean or even grungy. I've noticed that in some fragrances that contain a lot of musk in the base.
This is different here, the slightly greasy impression occurs at the beginning and underlines the waxy and does not seem unpleasant at all.

Floral it then continues, white flowers and rose, although none of the flowers pushes out too dominant, as they are quite densely connected. At most, jasmine comes out here and there a little. But here one has taken the friendly jasmine variant.
In the later course, some wood, patchouli, a little tobacco and a slightly resinous undertone make themselves felt. Thus, the fragrance gets a little extra depth.
From then on, at the latest, it is clearly noticeable that French Bouquet and N°5 clearly separate from each other, since French Bouquet is much spicier in the base and leaves a warmer impression. N°5 always seems rather cool to me and less spicy.
A slight sweetness pervades the fragrance without ever seeming intrusive.

The fragrance has a very good durability and presence, 8-9 hours are well in and at the beginning it is also very good to perceive. After about 2 hours, the scent then retreats, but is close to the body still good to smell.
With the classification here as a unisex fragrance would possibly be a certain need for discussion, since many would probably rather sort it into the ladies department. I leave such categorizations but like to disregard.
It may be worn, what pleases best and with which one feels comfortable.

French Bouquet has for me a nostalgic touch, the deliberately classic-timeless orientation, the reference to a fragrance classic, which is in this year 100 years on the market, emphasize this nostalgia additionally.

Since modern raw materials are used here, a certain synthetic touch hovers over the fragrance, but since I consider the synthetics to be well processed, I can't nag here.

A word about availability:
French Bouquet was apparently originally and exclusively created for Harrods, as was Tabac Rose, but now appears to be available for regular order, although it was not when I last looked on the website.

My conclusion:

French Bouquet is a successful fragrance, whose direction, floral-spicy with lots of aldehydes is certainly not Everybody's Darling.
In my collection he will not make it, but he leaves a very good impression and the brand bdk-Parfums I wish continued success.
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