Summer Day 2020

Summer Day by Clean
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7.3 / 10 30 Ratings
Summer Day is a perfume by Clean for women and was released in 2020. The scent is floral-fresh. It was last marketed by Clean Beauty Collective Inc. / Fusion Brands Inc.. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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BlackcurrantBlackcurrant PearPear NeroliNeroli
Heart Notes Heart Notes
NectarineNectarine RoseRose White freesiaWhite freesia GalbanumGalbanum
Base Notes Base Notes
Coconut waterCoconut water HeliotropeHeliotrope AmbroxAmbrox VanillaVanilla
7.330 Ratings
6.124 Ratings
6.125 Ratings
6.329 Ratings
Value for money
8.111 Ratings
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Unknown summer hit
I love Clean fragrances and I love summer scents. What could be more obvious than that I also had to acquire the Summer Day. I was hoping it wouldn't be such a sweet heavy summer fruit cocktail. I was a bit afraid of the top notes, I don't like fruit cocktails at all....
I was not disappointed as so often with Clean. The top notes fruit show up restrained and fleeting, the pear shows up nicely, but not sweet overripe but simply refreshing. The heart note is dominated by the freesia, simple and beautiful.
Quickly, that is, after about 30 minutes, the base shows up for me. And that is really wonderful. Subtle vanilla, fresh coconut water, some heliotrope. Ambroxan, which usually develops unfavorably on my skin strengthens the fragrance here quietly.
On the whole, it seems creamy, fresh, gentle. As very floral and even fruity I was not assigned him.
The sillage is discreet, more a fresh discreet breath, which blows me but with a really enormous durability of 12 hours again and again.
A completely unjustly unknown summer hit at a fair price!
Meanwhile, unfortunately discontinued, but here and there you can still find a Fläschlein!
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Creamy lactonic coconut beachy scent
A colleague of mine learned of my passion for fragrance and decided to gift me a few of her perfumes she had at home. I was really excited to find out if her tastes were similar to mine. This is one of her gifts!

I'm starting to think that coconut and its derivatives are not for my skin chemistry. As soon as I sprayed it on, I could immediately smell a strong milky, creamy and lactonic scent on my skin. It was almost too cloying and a bit too sweet for my liking. I could barely smell anything else for a while. I have to say: on my skin, the other notes do not even seem to exist. Coconut milk stayed strong, but I could also sense another note coming in that I'm not quite familiar with that was a bit off-putting. After checking out the notes, I do think the culprit might be the ambrox. It's happened quite a few times that I've tried on fragrances that have ambrox in it and I end up detecting this sharp, synthetic and almost plasticky scent that is off-putting to my nose. I'm not 100% sure, but I think this note ended up being the biggest problem in this fragrance. I'm kind of sad because on paper this looked to be an exciting summer fragrance (what I'm currently searching for).

Objectively speaking, it's a creamy, lactonic coconut scent that definitely has this beachy vibe. It stays quite close to the skin, so it could easily be worn during daily activities in warmer weather. Unfortunately for me, I'll be moving on from it. Glad I could try it though!
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TelekinecTelekinec 8 months ago
A gift from a colleague; it's a creamy and lactonic beachy scent perfect for summer. Stays close to the skin so it's also inoffensive
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