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Hugo Jeans by Hugo Boss
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6.5 / 10 3 Ratings
Hugo Jeans is a new perfume by Hugo Boss for men and was released in 2023. It is being marketed by Coty. Pronunciation
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Submitted by Franfan20, last update on 25.03.2023.
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20 Reviews
Millennial aquatic-floral-woody effect with some twists
Might feel "not-so-special" at retail price, but as a blend I think it's very nice and the "coolness" and watery effect is successfully achieved by calone-citrus-iris-mint for the bigger part of the evaporation, no nose-raping woody ambers but instead a mellow fruity-floral-woody unisex drydown.Delivers the marketing promise (coolness, jeans & white tee, anytime/anywhere, laid back).

At the very first spray the Calone/Cascalone/Scentenal hit my face with that marine and egg whitey olfactory mass, but the next second your nose adjusts and in few minutes this scent turns into what I can only call as a "potential future summer cheapie" that smells quite nice with undistinguishable citric top notes. I liked the fact that it doesn't abuse you with nuclear woody ambers and I'm a strong believer the last decades amber-wood overdose trend will die out soon and men's fragrances will do a flashback to millennial era.

So here the transformation goes in the direction of iris, though not listed in the notes but you'll notice this carrot seed, musty iris rhizome effect that provides a peculiar coolness which fits the marketing story of this perfume especially when combined with the obvious menthol freshness. I surely get a slight non-gourmandy, more-fruity/floral sweetness which I can only assume violet/pear notes (ionones and esters) in combination with muguet/cyclamen type transparent fresh and watery sweet florals (hello 2000s) and also popular in laundry detergents forever. I think I get the vetiver here too but really not distinct.

After 20 hours on test strip the scent is more floral-sweet (clean fresh laundry muguet/cyclamen and violets), honeyed orange blossom, even lavender, almost feminine/unisex, right out of 90s-00s, will feel familiar to those perfume heads since 90s. The effect of woods must be there but honestly I can't "pick out" individually the sandalwood or vetiver again but it doesn't mean they don't play an important role in the effect overall.
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MrHonestMrHonest 17 days ago
Almost identical to Snuggle fabric softener in the opening. Sweet, fruity with that aquatic 90s base. Similar to something from Zara.
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“Hugo Jeans” - The New Men’s Fragrance by Hugo Boss, Inspired by Classic Denim Clothing.
With "Hugo Jeans", German fashion label Hugo Boss launches a new men's fragrance inspired by classic denim clothing.

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