Ahlam by Roja Parfums
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8.2 / 10 108 Ratings
Ahlam is a popular perfume by Roja Parfums for women and was released in 2018. The scent is floral-oriental. The longevity is above-average. The production was apparently discontinued. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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May roseMay rose GeraniumGeranium VioletViolet Ylang-ylangYlang-ylang Grasse jasmineGrasse jasmine
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OudOud AlmondAlmond AmbergrisAmbergris PowderPowder RhubarbRhubarb SaffronSaffron SandalwoodSandalwood VanillaVanilla IrisIris MuskMusk PatchouliPatchouli


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Submitted by DonVanVliet, last update on 07.11.2023.
Interesting Facts
The scent was named after the Arabian singer.


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Ahlam which means dreams in arabic, and which also is a name
My opinion is that this perfume is better than the roja aoud and roja amber aoud. It has a nice, not strong flowery touch to it which makes it soft and classy. It don´t always need to be a nuclear perfume to make it a great scent.
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For days the sky was grey, the air was humid and cold, from November it went into December. There was no light, the grey ceiling hung over the city. The people hurried bent over and turned inward on their way.
Then, one morning, the sky was suddenly bright, covered with a fluffy white layer through which a winter sun softly and blurredly let its milky light fall. I stood there, amazed, looking into this flickering spectacle, could not take my eyes off that sky, it was as if a fairy had waved her magic wand and you could still see the silver specks that had escaped. Like gauze or finest silk, the sky was covered with the milk of winter light.
The noise around me had suddenly ceased, and in the middle of the city I thought I was in a fairy tale place, thought I could hear fine, delicate sounds from far away, for a moment everything stood still.

There are moments that are so surprising in their beauty that one is briefly catapulted out of space and time. This is what happened to me when I first experienced this scent. This flickering light, this delicacy, tenderness and yet power, the coolness that rests on a warm layer. I don't like to take the fragrance apart, although I notice the citric notes, the wonderful flowers, so light and shimmering, hardly sweet perhaps through the iris, and yet held on this warm bed of the highest quality oud, sandalwood, musk, powder and amber.

The colours for me are light violet, pink, silver, white and cream, and as a basis all shades of violet, gold and blue.
As music that represents the mood for me, Grieg's Peer Gynt Suite No 1 comes to mind.

I let a friend try the scent, she was so surprised, an aaah came when she took her nose off her hand, she was enchanted. I can only express my admiration for this work of art, and thanks for letting me experience it.
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Addiction against reason - who wins?
In a blind exchange, I got a new Ahlam bottle. I have never smelled Ahlam before, but somehow I had the feeling that I might like it from the ingredients Do you know that when curiosity is greater than reason?

Well well, the exchange was already under the roof and after an eternal waiting period it was finally time and the package was there... Ahlam, still in foil, shining towards me... The fingers are tingling... the great feeling when you can take a flacon out of the foil and packaging... i love that ;-)

Thoughts scurried, "what if this one isn't beautiful..." ---- "A blind exchange of Roja scents can be a real pain in the ass, or money..." ---- "And when it stinks..." --- "Aah, watch the slide..." --- "Rhubarb has rhubarb in it, I don't even like that" --- "you probably didn't look too closely at the scent pyramid after all" --- "if it's really as sweet as someone said it was..." --- "Ahlam, what does that actually mean" --- "Flowery-sweet - not exactly my prey scheme" --- "Box on: ooooh he shines so beautiful" ......

From the beautiful golden packaging, taken out of the velvet bed, a sweet and high-quality flacon - just like Roja ...

Then the big moment: pretty stone lid removed and once carefully sprayed on the wrist.....

The thoughts scurry again: "Lemon is there, flowers I recognize: Ylang-ylang and jasmine are very clear" --- "fresh and flowery..." --- oh, marzipan or almond is super clear there: not sticky - rather fluffy and sweet --- "Oud is coming, not a mace..." --- "wow, how beautifully..." ---"Oh, that's a really nice one..." --- "Yes, exchanging blindfolds was good..." --- "mmmmh, here comes some powder-fluff..." --- "this could be sandalwood, creamy wood, fine..." --- "crap there's only 30ml in the bottle..." --- "there's a bigger one..." --- "www.Roja.com - Search: Ahlam..." --- "ooh, 100ml, £295..." --- "Fuck..." --- "Wages came yesterday..." --- "Shopping cart - add..." --- "Ahwww shall I or shall I not..." --- "Order-finger twitching" --- "don't want to need the 30ml first..." --- "Confirm..." --- "How long will it take to deliver..."

Yeah, how many of you haven't...? Sometimes the addiction overtakes the mind, pushes it aside and runs to the finish...

I really like Ahlam, although he is a rather sweet oriental :-)
The flacon with a nice stone lid, as always with Roja: 1A
Durability: in the upper range
Sillage: right after spraying: suuuper, but after about 15-20 minutes this decreases a little bit and Ahlam retreats a little bit. Compared to other Rojas more "discreet"

The addiction has won and I am happy ;-)
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AldestAldest 3 years ago
Candy-rose with oudish tail
It is really not my taste
There is a very little thing that saves it from total asexuality (maybe Ylang-Ylang ?)
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