Musc Infini 2013

Musc Infini by Ex Nihilo
Bottle Design Carré Basset
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8.0 / 10 145 Ratings
Musc Infini is a popular perfume by Ex Nihilo for women and men and was released in 2013. The scent is powdery-sweet. It is still available to purchase. Pronunciation
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Top Notes Top Notes AmbretteAmbrette GrapefruitGrapefruit Italian bergamotItalian bergamot
Heart Notes Heart Notes MuskMusk PatchouliPatchouli Rose absoluteRose absolute
Base Notes Base Notes MuskMusk BenzoinBenzoin Tonka beanTonka bean VanillaVanilla


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Submitted by Apicius, last update on 22.03.2023.
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3 in-depth fragrance descriptions

298 Reviews
Argh, for a moment I thought this was going places. This musk managed to stay clean without invoking laundry spirits. It had an interesting darker shade, achieved through the addition of a sweaty -not skanky- ambrette note. Clever!

Then, out of nowhere the vanilla-benzoin emerged. This 180-ed straight into vanilla-musk town. Think Musc Ravageur or Musc des Sables and you get the point. Darn party pooper caught me by surprise! Too bad, I really liked the opening.
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A lighter being, a bright amethyst.
As if I had invited you
to a spring summer start visit,
so that we can have a really nice time again
replace after all the dark time
in autumn and winter.

Drink a Hugo in peace
on the balcony facing the sun,
over the shoulder a light jacket,
Wool / mohair / cashmere mixture,
muted colours,
for a small price
<font color="#ffff00">-=Ernsting´s=- proudly presents and also in "Sale".

So we made ourselves comfortable,
the balcony chairs still a little damp.

"Careful, don't get cold,
here, put something under there.
You can get something away fast.

The language would come on this and that,
we'd bake a detox cake,
next to the Hugo a Smuusie
drink one at a time
and then they'd have to,
halfway through the day,
once ´raus with the dog
a lap around the block,
a smoke.

Somehow we were
i've gotten lost,
we come again and again
once lost,
because there is always something to do.
There are always reasons,
the worries do not diminish.
Oh, I'll tell you who...

Like a few weeks ago,
how did everything look like
pretty modest out You didn't know it would go on,
and if so, how
Everything kind of up in the air.

Therefore: let us today
don't complain once,
because "et would still have jot jejange".
And like a swallow
no summer yet,
one grip in the toilet is not enough,
to spoil the whole season.

What didn't happen,
how many neck and leg fractures,
Divorces here
and tender beginnings of love there...
the neighbour on and off
with the Eurhythm teacher
of the pubescent daughter,
dancing the path of life -
Dirty dancing and all -
well, let's see,
how far they can get with it.
Clamp blues, Cha Cha Cha,
Rumba with cuddles...
All I'm saying is, Howard, howard!

Then: the neighbour !
I say ´mal: "involved"
in weird machinations,
You don't know anything about that either,
but what you hear...

I'm wondering:
you can't somehow get
under control,
just now when the kids are out of the house?
Do you have to go through every nonsense -
you never get your neck full,
i really don't know;
is that too much to ask?
After all, I'm not going to let you take me
go at every opportunity...

Or better yet?!?
Why not.

You didn't even come with me anymore,
was totally confused in the head
and glad to be in continuous loop
Cash to view for rares,
not because you might have the one,
or even the other,
but only because Wendela
has such a beautiful voice...
Yes, life also has its own sides!
Completely different now:
warm spring wind blowing up,
and us,
where we stand,
in every angle,
and we can hardly believe it,
that now in March
june is already -
at least.

------------------------------<<font color="#ffff00">-==- proudly presents A scent like a sweet kiss,
the most enchanting look,
which may have taken place yesterday and today,
a coat of softer security,
than was to be hoped,
a bedtime sweetener for beginners
and advanced,
between the hours of the day,
a warm hug in cool time,
Heart warms heart,
a beautiful poem,
from Eva Strittmatter maybe,
the 45's favourite single from the 70's,
"Maggie May",
of the most delicate substance on the skin,
that was to be woven,
the warmth of sunlight in early summer,
when the beauty blinds.

Amber, a lighter smoky quartz,
an easier being,
a light amethyst.
Sparkling and full,
innocent - and worth almost every sin.
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516 Reviews
Musky meh
Infini opens with a pleasant, sweet, vanillic and initially citrus-y amber accord with a dusty white-grayish musky note, and a subtle sort of “abstract” salty-talc feel which is probably due to ambroxide (that ambrette seeds note). A silky light breeze of flower petals and tonka beans complete the thin composition, together with a vague earthy-woody base note. Shortly a sort of contemporary, glossy, tamed-down and almost “abstract” aromatic Oriental scent centered on amber, vanilla, white musks and exotic hints of tonka and woods. But most of all sweet, dry, talc-dusty warm amber with musks. The evolution is close to zero, it all gets just a bit lighter and drier (and slightly more salty too, but also developing a nice balsamic breeze after a couple of hours). Pleasant and undoubtedly refined, although in a kind of (much) boring way: it’s a plain, linear and conventional amber-musky scent like tons of others, with no particular “niche” added value. Dozens of other fragrances do the same job at a fraction of the price, but “per se” Infini is not bad, so if you’re in the mood of flushing money down the toilet...

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1 short view on the fragrance
NicheOnlyNicheOnly 8 days ago
Smells more powdery than musky at first, dries more-so dry woody w/ moderate vanilla. Poor sillage & value, spring-summer, slight fem lean.
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