Light Powdery 2013

Light Powdery by Gritti
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7.8 / 10 19 Ratings
Light Powdery is a popular perfume by Gritti for women and men and was released in 2013. The scent is powdery-sweet. The production was apparently discontinued.
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Gaiac woodGaiac wood IrisIris JasmineJasmine Ylang-ylangYlang-ylang
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Submitted by Farinelli, last update on 06.07.2019.
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The powder cloud and the cuddly blanket
Here I sit now, it's evening, I look at the main page of Parfumo and am about to introduce you to another fragrance. Besides, I'm annoyed that I still haven't baked any Christmas cookies... but calm me down again, because I have some small (and colorful!) gingerbread standing here, which also taste very delicious. In addition there is tea (yaa... this time just a simple, boring black tea instead of one of these winter/christmas varieties with partly adventurous flavours like guava chilli or baked apple :D) and the whole thing is again a little party :)
Ooohh.... I almost forgot to open the next door of the After-Eight Advent calendar... hmm, let's see,... today is the 5th of December, therefore the fifth door has to be opened and... so everything is rather a bigger party! Oh, December is just such a great month :))))

That's why I need to introduce you to a great fragrance: White Edition - Light Powdery by Gritti. Whereby the term "White" fits anyway well into December, even if it will snow here unfortunately again only in January or February a little bit... no matter... in any case one can expect from the name a powdery smell, which is hopefully also beautifully soft and tender. Well, here we go!

The fragrance:
The fragrance begins with a great, powdery fragrance cloud, which has a sweet scent and a creamy effect in addition to the powdery note. The sweetness comes from the jasmine, and the powdery creamy cloud comes from the iris, which as always is very soft. Light floral notes (apart from the iris) round off the whole and you have an excellent top note, which you would like to spray on again and again.
Soo... now I guess it's wait and see. For my part I hope of course that the fragrance will stay that way, but I already see Ylang-Ylang and hope... that it won't be too heavy and sultry as usual.
But first it smells soft for a while, like iris and jasmine, so that the scent stays powdery sweet for a while and smells very nice. But the iris is already quite intense, I know that some people here write from time to time that strong powdery scents would give them headaches, so you have to watch out and see how the scent works.
After a few hours, the fragrance continues to smell as usual, i.e. as it started, and smells nice, powdery and soft. Iris and jasmine are still the main scents, but it now also smells a bit woody.
Oh, my fears that the Ylang-Ylang might smell quite sultry later have fortunately not been confirmed, so this fragrance actually smells very soft until the end, without appearing too heavy or mature. A beautiful fragrance for all who like pleasantly powdery scents.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is surprisingly intense, so for a powdery fragrance. Often such a scent begins already intensively and develops a large powdery cloud at the beginning, but this usually disappears quite fast again. Here it takes much longer, until the scent becomes weaker, which is good, because it is longer and better smellable at one.
Also the durability is very good. I think you can expect about 12 hours here, which is great!

The bottle:
The bottle is shiny white, cylindrical and ends in a dome on which the gilded lid is placed. You can see the brand name and the logo on the gold bottle. It's nice, but as I said at the White Almond, I think the rectangular bottles of Gritti are much nicer.

Ahh yes, this Gritti fragrance belongs once again to the fragrances of the variety: Spray on, let it work and then settle down on an oversized cuddly blanket. And possibly a fight to the death with the tomcat or the cat, who is allowed to use the blanket :D
And once you've won the fight, you can cuddle up, don't forget biscuits and cookies, of course, just as you can't forget coffee or tea. Oh yes, maybe you should comfort the tomcat or the cat, who probably stare at you with big eyes :D
One or two little strokes on the tender head, and the little animals purr contentedly and lie next to you... or on you... depending on you. Which again means that you can't get rid of the cattle anyway and have to share the blanket with the animal. You know, you don't have a choice and you should only take care that the animals don't paw the cookies all the time, he he. This also applies to dogs (by the way just as great animals!), which may be even more affectionate, but cats must touch EVERYTHING! :)

Yes, the scent is very gentle and very pleasing, as long as the high powder content does not get on your nerves or cause you a headache. It is best suited for autumn and winter, and it could also be used for going out, although it is probably better than a so-called "cuddler".

Of course it is very similar to other powdery fragrances, but this one has a longer shelf life and intensity. I would definitely recommend trying this fragrance!

Well, see you next time. Have a nice evening and go bake cookies or something! :D
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