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White Almond by Gritti
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White Almond is a popular perfume by Gritti for women and men and was released in 2013. The scent is sweet-gourmand. The production was apparently discontinued.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Beautiful, but somewhat weak almonds
Today I finally come to another Gritti scent. I'm finally saying, since I'd like to test all these scents. Especially after discovering the excellent summer scents like Neroli Extreme or Pomelo Sorrento. Of course there were also some strong scents to run away from, like the pepperspray-like "delirium", which was really weird for me :D

But somehow I have the impression that some Gritti fragrances are quite nice, so I like to test these fragrances very much. It's just stupid that, how could it be otherwise, they are only available in certain (niche) perfumeries. And I don't like testing there soo much, because you often have the feeling as if the salespeople there are sometimes a bit too pushy. After the obligatory greeting and the question if you can be helped, sometimes questions like "Which scents do you like?", "Which scents do you like?" etc... which is nicely meant, but can be annoying if you just want to have your rest. Especially when they spray the scents on me themselves with their "help". A tiny little, stingy sprayer that barely smells.
No no no, just for a fragrance description my arm must be dripping wet, so that I can sniff out every fragrance molecule for you (which you must not rub, otherwise you would destroy the molecules like in a mortar, argh... :D) :D

I wonder if it's because I sometimes get a poisonous look from some people when I refuse their help and prefer to look around myself and spray on litres of perfume? Hey hey, maybe, but now for the scent!

The fragrance:
Hmmm... at the beginning I apparently smell these stated "aromatic spices" which alone are a little meaningless from the name of somehow. It's a little hard to break them down, so I guess what they smell like to me: Namely after a mix of aniseed and slightly medicinal camphor-like herbs. At the very beginning it even smells like strong medicine such as cough syrup, actually even these really disgusting cough drops, whose disgusting taste can only be removed from the tongue after at least 10 glasses of water! D
But at least it doesn't smell as extremely unpleasant as this medicine normally does (unless you try the scent with your tongue, mu ha ha!).
Gradually the fragrance becomes softer and warmer. It's a bit citric, too, even if only slightly in the background, because I smell oranges or slightly bitter orange peels.
After a while, the medically anise-like scents will fade away somewhat. Then you also notice that the fragrance, which has already become softer and softer, is also a little powdery. The orange(peel) then also disappear, one smells the straw flower instead, which also seems a little dry, but is somehow also quite nice. However, you can only really perceive them in the sprayed area, because the vanilla and almond notes (which, by the way, begin to really take effect after 20-30 minutes) are stronger and you mainly perceive these scents in the scent cloud as soon as these scents have unfolded. The fine, small details are rather lost if you don't sniff close enough to the sprayed area.
Otherwise it smells now beside vanilla and almond also ever further after musk. The fragrance is therefore naturally (darkly) sweet, powdery, soft and warm, and it stays that way.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
Sillage has become surprisingly weak for a fragrance that contains a lot of vanilla. It even starts rather weakly, then the charisma becomes much stronger, but is rather average overall, so that you will probably smell it less in autumn and winter, especially outside. But inside you can smell it to some extent, and yes, that's still enough. The shelf life is quite okay (sixteen hours, depending on whether you are outside or inside :D), but feels a little less durable overall for a fragrance with almond and vanilla.

The bottle:
The bottle is cylindrical and at the top it becomes a dome with a golden and cylindrical lid. The bottle itself is shiny white and looks as if it were made of ceramic. There is no label, on the front you can see the name and logo in golden letters directly on the bottle. It's nice, but I like the narrow and rectangular bottles of Gritti much better.

Well, I liked the smell. Well, he could have been a little stronger as far as Sillage is concerned, but he smells a bit more like almonds, vanilla and some musk after the medical beginning. You could use the fragrance for going out (but of course also for office, leisure, etc..., it always works), especially in autumn and winter, but it is more feminine than unisex. In general, I find most fragrances that smell almond-like to be somewhat feminine.

Be that as it may, the fragrance would certainly be worth a test, even if you want to test it yourself in a niche perfumery and like I sometimes get looks that make you feel like you're being controlled all the time. As if I would drop the bottle at any time or even let it go, tsssss... :D

Anyway, as I said, a test might be worth it if you dare, mu ha ha ha ha!
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