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The Italian niche brand “Gritti” is Luca Gritti’s life's work, whose family goes back to the 16th century with the merchant Andrea Gritti. Their family motto “Do not sway in the face of hardship” is still valid until today.

Luca Gritti, the passionate fragrance expert, first created unique notes and fragrances for other labels for years before founding his company in 2009. Conceived “Gritti” (officially “Gritti Venetia”) was a luxury label that wanted to set new standards of luxury perfume, and make a name for itself through the strongest, boldest, and high-quality ingredients.

The label aroused many emotions with its first unisex fragrance “Antalya” (myrtle, amber, cedar, seagrass) in 2010, followed by “Aqua Incanta” (iris, rose, vanilla), “Damascus” (orange, tobacco, cinnamon) for women, and the unisex perfume “Delirium” (frankincense, angelica, pink pepper) in 2012. Since then, “Gritti” has considerably expanded its fragrance and product range.

One of the intriguing features of “Gritti” is the ability to skillfully combine several men's or women's fragrances in its collections. For example, ladies can treat themselves to the “Collection Privé” with nine fragrances, while the “Black Collection” for men was developed with four fragrances.

Love is in every detail at “Gritti Venetia”: that's why the flacons of the “Collection Privé” series are wrapped in soft velvet, and the “White Collection” impresses with handcrafted closures.

The go-to destination for “Gritti” fragrances is online beauty portals, and the label's homepage.

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