Leather N' Green 2019

Leather N' Green by Birkholz
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7.5 / 10 30 Ratings
Leather N' Green is a perfume by Birkholz for women and men and was released in 2019. The scent is green-leathery. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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MossMoss MuskMusk AmbergrisAmbergris Tonka beanTonka bean
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No leather scent at home yet? Then try this one!
Leather fragrances are many, really good rather few. Also with me at home are a few representatives from this rail (Tuscan Leather, Moroccan Leather, African Leather) and therefore I have not looked for a leather fragrance.

Leather N' Green fell into my hands rather accidentally and the name itself actually already indicates the direction in which it presumably goes, namely into the green leather. So cap off and go. I've already gushed about the value of the bottle in other reviews, and at the risk of repeating myself, but the cap is just awesome. Leather-covered, it immediately conveys exclusivity and character, so from the outset basically exactly what you are looking for and also expected when you hold the bottle of a "Manufacture Birkholz" in your hand.

Sprayer operate, once again enjoy the lid when closing or optionally ergötzen and then schnuppern.

It rises immediately leather in my nose, super finely done, this note, in addition, a slightly fresh appeal, but very much to my chagrin quickly fades. In the first moment I thought directly, wow, exactly something you are missing for the fall, but the bergamot can not begin to assert itself against the dominant leather tone. I find that extremely unfortunate, because exactly this mixture has a huge appeal.

After three hours, I wonder why the name Green is listed in the product name, because until then I can not sniff anything from any grasses.

This changes after another two hours, the scent turns towards the forest and there straight into the undergrowth, where it grows dark green. I had hoped to find a rather light variant from the corner fern or grass, but it becomes rather mossy without - and this is a great art - musty. Overall, the whole story becomes a bit heavier, darker, and even more masculine.

The day is drawing to a close and leather still wafts by with every wave of the hand. Not obtrusive, but as described in the beginning, in a very fine way, yet present and perceptible, yes longer the day, the more masculine the overall picture of the fragrance.

The green has then somehow warped with me again not to say, dissolved into thin air, but after eight hours just "only" the leather sticks.

Where and how can / should / should I now sort Leather N' Green?

First, although declared as unisex, for me simply masculine. Where I can imagine Tuscan Leather quite times on ladies (just also as a perfect complement to the mini from Nappa), the Birkholz is simply too masculine.

Masculine, but not chavvy. Not a crude nose toot, but rather a nose flatterer. Classy.

The freshness of the beginning disappears for my taste, unfortunately, God, much too quickly. I have extra nachgesprüht to enjoy this sensational prelude again, but after a short time the same result.

On the subject of green: I had a certain expectation in the direction of Irish Leather by Memo, which I would really put a lot more in the green corner. The green cloak, which Birkholz puts on here, is similar to the bergamot at the beginning simply too thin to be able to stand up to the leather in the long run. This is not bad, but I would have hoped for a greener ending.

And so, from start to finish, that subtle leather note that makes the scent so distinctive dominates.

A word about sillage and durability. Not from bad parents. A normal dosage pulls a fragrance trail through the morning, into the late evening skin durable. Very decent values from the side, but what you should be able to expect considering the price, the claim as a manufacture and also compared to the competition.

For me ultimately built too close to Moroccan Leather (which I find even more exclusive by ginger and tobacco) and too little green to create a real incentive to buy, but an extremely successful fragrance that shows high craftsmanship due to its performance.

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